Removing default “division” and “region” options from MOSS 2007

I had read this in Scot Hillier’s book but I couldn’t find it in the index or quickly Google it up today so here goes for future reference.

When you create a SharePoint “portal” site in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, you get this navigation on the front page, and odds are it’s not what you want:

sharepoint screenshot: Site Directory - Categories. Division * Information Technology * Research & Development * Sales * Finance.  Region *Local * National * International

The solution was not in any of the Site Settings places I looked, but instead (from Hillier):

  1. Click the Sites tab in MOSS to open the Site Directory.
  2. On the Sites Directory page, click View All Site Content.
  3. On the All Site Content page, click the Sites list.
  4. On the Sites list page, select Settings->List Settings from the drop-down menu on the list toolbar.
  5. On the Customize Sites page, scroll down to the Columns section and click either the Division column or the Region column.
  6. On the Change Column page, change the list of available options and click the OK button.  Alternatively, you could click the Delete button to eliminate the column.

On a more personal note, MOSS makes me nauseous.