Adding Subversion keywords to an entire Symfony project

For some reason, even though I’ve set default properties in my .subversion/config, it doesn’t always apply to new files, so I end up doing this once in a while:

svn propset svn:keywords 'Id Rev URL HeadUrl' \
`find apps/ config/ doc/ lib/ web data/ test/ \
-name '*.php' -or -name '*.yml' -or -name '*.css' -or -name '*.sql'`

This tells Subversion to go into those types of files and update the $Id$ and other keyword tags.

(Note, I’ve been fooled before by not noticing the keywords are CASE-SENSITIVE. If you set them to ‘id rev url headURL’ they will NOT work!)

It works with Cygwin, if you’re stuck in Windowsland like I am for local development.