Synchronizing Hiveminder with Outlook

Whee. I finally did it, though it’s been on my list for a couple years. I wanted to use the sweet todo-ticketing goodness of, but my mesozoic Palm T|X handheld was holding me back, and I’ve got several reasons for not throwing it out/replacing it with an iPhone/iPod Touch, yet.

I’ve been using the script all this week and it works great! I’ve been adding/collecting tasks like crazy, and even getting more done too.

It’s probably pretty geeky so far. It’s a long way from being a polished executable or something. But it works pretty well for me and I even improved the speed over version 0.1, so I wanted to share it with The World Out There ™

An excerpt from the POD:


I use a Palm (TM) handheld for working all my lists offline, but Palm is stuck in the 20th century. Luckily, so is Outlook (TM)! The Palm knows how to sync with Outlook task list and memos, so this script syncs them with Hiveminder. Hopefully, I can use Hiveminder when I’m near a computer (online) and still have full read/write access when my Palm is offline.